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EEasy Style 1.1

Eeasy Style lets you write and compile LESS / SCSS templates into a static CSS file. Compatbile with EE2+ and EE3+

This extension creates a LESS template type to create a distinction between CSS and LESS template types, lets you select your master LESS file from your list of LESS files, and an output CSS file location. We have also given you the option to minify your CSS file if you prefer!

IMPORTANT: Make sure your CSS output folder is writable and your SCSS / LESS source folder is readable.

{ exp:eeasystyle:compile input='style.scss' output='wow.css' }

Input the file name + the file extension and choose the output.

The Module automatically inserts the link html tag and creates a css file on the server.

CHOOSE DIFFERENT OUTPUT FILES ( don’t use the same for multiple tags ).